17 november 1989

Welkom op Tsjechie.net

Het Tsjechisch Forum, in een nieuw jasje!



Ik zag, toen ik de computer opende, de Tsjechische vlag in beeld en toen ik er op klikte kwam deze tekst in beeld:


  • Today’s Doodle celebrates Czech Republic Freedom and Democracy Day. On this day, two of the most important student demonstrations in Czech history took place. Although the events were separated by 50 years, both played a key role in paving the way for Czech’s free and democratic society. The holiday gives Czech citizens the opportunity to commemorate those who fought for their freedom.
    On November 17, 1939, thousands of students in Prague bravely gathered to protest German forces that occupied what was then Czechoslovakia. On the 50th anniversary, in 1989, students across the country engaged in peaceful protests against Soviet rule, which led to Czech’s independence a few years later.
    The Czech Republic flag waving in today’s Doodle was originally designed in 1920. The red and white horizontal stripes represent peace and patriotism, while the blue triangle symbolizes truth and loyalty. This current flag was used by Czechoslovakia before its dissolution in 1992.
    Happy Freedom and Democracy Day, Czech Republic!
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